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The community of Gackle is located on highway 46, 40 miles southwest of Jamestown. It is largely a farming/ranching community with a population of 400. Gackle has a very nice business district, five (5) churches and recreational facilities including a grass greens golf course, movie theater, swimming pool, park, tennis court and baseball park. There are also medical facilities including a satellite clinic and a basic skills care center. 

The Gackle-Streeter Public School is located in Gackle and has a K-12 building that is modern and in good condition. The district has a superintendent, H.S. and elementary principals, 19 full time staff with 10 support staff. Special services include speech, learning disabilities, basic skills program for math and reading, a full time resource room and a high school/elementary counselor. The curriculum is complete and up-to-date, supplemented with an ITV system.

Gackle-Streeter Public School




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