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  The centennial gift committee continues to add new merchandise to the collection! We have added:
Hooded sweatshirts - $25.00
Visors - $5.00
Ceramic thimble - $4.00
Ceramic mugs -$8.00
Ceramic spoon rest - $5.00
Ceramic shot glass - $5.00
Glass salt/pepper - $5.00
Wooden Christmas Ornament - $5.00
Travel mug - $5.00
Alfred Ceramic Mug -- $7.00
Grace Baptist Church 2004 Centennial Cookbook - $10.00
Streeter Centennial Cookbook -- $10.00

If you are not going to be in the Gackle area and need to order merchandise -- please call Darla Zenker at (701)485-3900 or Sheila Metz at (701)485-3581, to discuss the shipping, etc. All orders and shipping costs must be prepaid.

  The Centennial Gift Committee has" The Centennial Plate", which is one of our fund raisers. These 9 inch gold-rimmed plates will sell for $30.00 each. The First Edition (100) plates will be numbered from 1904 - 2004. (Plate #1904 and #2004 will be held for auction at a later date). The next fifty plates will be numbered from 101 - 150. After these first 150 plates are sold - a limited number will be ordered and called 2nd Edition - when the supply is gone - they are gone!

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Therefore, if you want a certain year like your birth or wedding anniversary or a certain number --- get your pre-paid order in to us ASAP. THE ORDERS WILL BE HONORED ON A "FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED" BASIS (It probably would be wise to give us your first, second and third choice on years or number of plate).  These plates will not be mailed - so please have someone pick it up for you.  To order a plate, or any other of the Centennial Gifts, please contact us by clicking here! On the back of the plate you will find the following inscription:

Gackle Centennial
June 25-27, 2004

"This community, founded in 1904, was given the name of Gackle by Mr. George Elhard in honor of his business partner, Mr. George Gackle. In 1913 Gackle was incorporated as a village. A community is woven with the personality of its people and the environment which nature has provided - thus we honor these 100 years with: "Prairies and People".


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Candy Crock -- $25.00 Jackets - $85.00 to $150.00
Centennial plate - $30.00 Weather Vanes - $40.00
T- shirts - $15.00 Button Shirts - $30.00
Key Holder - $15.00 Baseball Caps - $12.00

Various other garments available via a "gift Committee" member. All orders are to be prepaid! Postage will be added! We prefer to not mail the plates - please have a relative or friend pick it up for you.


Other merchandise available includes a candy crock, and numerous clothing items. Questions can be directed to: Darla Zenker - 485-3900; Sheila Metz - 485-3581; or Shelly Anderson - 485-3530.



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