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Every community, regardless of size, in the middle west has a history of pioneer courage, daring, and struggles against the forces of nature. Gackle is no exception, as in this colorful village one can find enough pathos and struggle to fill many novels.

Gackle, as with many small towns, was brought into existence through the railroad expansion of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company. The survey for the roadbed in this area was begun in 1902 and the grading was begun in 1903.

On June 3, 1903, George Elhard, George Gackle, and John Gross of Kulm, North Dakota, built a store on section 8-135-6 some eight miles south of the present town of Gackle. The store was named "Elhard and Company."

Building materials for the building were transported across the rough plains from Kulm for this business venture. One can well visualize the problems a ant to this pioneer effort.  Elhard named the little center Gackle in honor of Mr. George Gackle, who was a partner in the business. The name Gackle was given upon application for a post office. The postmaster's commission was appointed to Mr. Elhard and he named a George Noyes as his assistant in the post office as well as the assistant manager of the "Elhard and Company" store.
Beginning early in 1904, the village of Gackle began a very rapid growth. Some of these early developments were the business enterprise of C. J. Zellmer and Company was established; Mr. Isaac Hammerstrom moved in a building and opened a restaurant; the Sullivan Lumber Company moved over a carload of lumber from Kulm and opened a lumber business; Mr. H. L. Kelley moved in a building for a real estate office; Mr. William Hagor built a harness shop; John Haas and Jacob Berreth built a livery and feed stable; Mr. A. F. Lehr built a real estate office; Mr. EIhard moved in the post office and business in from the country; Mr. Ryan hauled in sufficient lumber to build a hotel; William Martin built a small building for handling refreshments; Valentine Miller and Christ Kroll moved in their dwellings from Windsor, and Mr. Miller became the first drayman of Gackle; Mr. Elhard built the first frame building in the new village of Gackle, his new home.

Gackle is a community woven with the personality of its people and the environment which nature has provided - thus we honor these 100 years with: "Prairies and People".



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